Free Call Of Duty Black Ops Download

Call Of Duty: Black ops has recently been released, and I have some good news for you! For anybody who doesn’t know, Black Ops is a FPS game. Black Ops has a tough act to follow with Modern Warfare 2 being the best selling game of 2009. Well, how would you like a free download for Black Ops on the PC? Well that is exactly what I wanted. And after searching around the internet for a while, i found something interesting. If you plan on paying the big $60 price for Call Of Duty black ops this christmas, you might want to read this first. I found a website that has a free call of duty black ops download for the PC, and it works 100%.

Well this sounds too good to be true! How could you possibly get a game for free? The guys who did it use a really complicated technique to trick the game into thinking that you have paid for the game. The technical term for what it does is Server Emulation. It basically tampers with the data the game gets from the Black Ops servers and tells it that you are allowed to play. Enough technical mumbo jumbo, let’s move onto the exciting part… How to download Black Ops for free!

To get call of duty black ops for free, you simply download the file on their website and install it. Go to the website at free black ops download for pc and follow the instructions there. Merry christmas and a happy new year, enjoy playing your free game! And oh yeah, I am not resonsible for you pirating this game for free, so don’t tell your parents that I told you how!

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